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Canadian Employment Law Today

Dec 10, 2014 Print Edition:

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Volunteer firefighter fired from regular job for leaving too often

Employer accused worker of leaving without permission but worker was operating under past practices

Supreme Court of Canada recognizes new duty of honesty

Both sides in employment relationship should take heed to top court’s ruling on contracts

Refusing to hire applicants with health issues stemming from lifestyle

Trying to limit benefits costs by avoiding applicants with health issues related to smoking

Getting up to speed on human rights

Two Ontario cases showcase possible trends in human rights decisions employers need to be aware of going into 2015

Ineligible benefit claim not fraud, just a mistake: Arbitrator

Employee was unaware his wife couldn't claim coverage for safety glasses

Workplace assault not enough to terminate: Arbitrator

Worker's extreme reaction to co-worker jumping into workspace over-the-top but understandable: Arbitrator

Worker calls in sick too much for employer’s taste

Employee called in sick with different issue after surveillance
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