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Canadian Employment Law Today

Nov 26, 2014 Print Edition:

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City of Winnipeg falls short on accommodation of injured worker

City offered worker modified duties but walked away from the table when he couldn’t attend training due to university obligations

Misrepresentation on resume and breach of contract not enough for just cause

Salesman misrepresented some of his experience and breached clause in contract but deserved notice of termination after not making any sales

Determining safety sensitive work for drug and alcohol testing

When can testing be done?

Employee changing retirement date

The best-laid plans for a retiring employee may change

Addicted worker’s breach of last chance agreement not the end

Keeping worker employed in safety sensitive position would be undue hardship, but there were other possibilities for worker after multiple relapses

No workers' compensation for independent contractor

Worker had too many characteristics of independent contractor to be employee: Tribunal

Worker entitled to compensation for PTSD from attack, not any subsequent stress: Tribunal

Worker returned to work following incident; subsequent incidents not related to PTSD

Worker not fond of employer’s direct approach

Employee refused employer's attempts to set him up to be paid by direct deposit
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