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Canadian Employment Law Today

Jul 22, 2015 Print Edition:

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Employee goes too far with constructive dismissal threat

Employee didn’t like changes to job and threatened legal action; employer took it to mean she didn’t want to work there anymore

Stay in school – at least during an educational leave

Employee took educational leave but had surgery and ended up working another job instead – without telling employer

Announcing a change to the job that doesn’t happen

Failure to follow through may not necessarily prevent constructive dismissal

When suspicions are justified

Employee's misconduct caught after previous instances where guilty party couldn't be proven

Bus driver fired after punishing rowdy passengers

Driver claimed he was set up by passenger’s false injury report but failed to accept responsibility for failing to follow procedure after sudden emergency stop

Retiring doesn’t get employer out of paying long-term employee reasonable notice

Employee with 26 years of service given less than four months' notice of office closing; employee awarded $50,000 in additional notice

Transfer offer comes after worker accepts job with another employer

Worker wanted severance package given to other workers who stayed until location closed
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