Worker’s extended period of time theft and lying outweighs years of good service

Employee argued discipline wasn’t consistent with all involved but other full-time workers were also fired
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today|Last Updated: 05/10/2017

An Alberta arbitration board has upheld the dismissal of a long-time group home counsellor for time theft after he and several others were caught in a wide-spread practice of starting shifts late and leaving early.

Tim Page, 58, was a forensic counsellor at Counterpoint  House, a group home for teenage male sexual offenders in Edmonton. He was hired in May 1996 and was considered a good counsellor with a strong work ethic who was good with counselling and building trust with the residents of the house. His duties included supervising and counselling residents and providing direct patient care as part of the team at the house.

Usually, two forensic counsellors worked day and evening shifts at the house, with one working overnight while residents slept. However, after a serious incident in 2008, the schedule was changed so two staff members were scheduled to work at all times for safety reasons.