Judge strikes down section of Quebec law that bans face coverings

Says province must establish rules around religious accommodation
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 12/07/2017
Employment law
Demonstrators covering their faces participate in a protest called "The traditional clown's walk against the burqa ban" in Vienna, Austria, on Oct. 1. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

MONTREAL (CP) -- A Quebec judge has temporarily stayed a key provision of the controversial law banning people from receiving or giving a public service with their face covered.

Superior Court Justice Babak Barin ruled today the article will be stayed until the province establishes rules under which people can apply for a religious accommodation to the legislation.

Bill 62 was passed in October and was criticized for targeting Muslim women because they are among the few people in society who wear face veils.

The law included a provision granting accommodations for religious grounds but it did not include the rules under which exemptions could be granted.

Quebec has given itself until next summer to establish guidelines for dealing with requests for religious accommodations.

Barin suggests in his ruling the law is not fully coherent or complete without clear rules establishing how people can be exempted from part of the legislation for religious reasons.

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