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Checking a job applicant’s social media

Factoring social media activity in hiring decision

Off-duty violent behaviour and just cause

Employee response to employee's violent behaviour outside of work

Handling suspicious workers’ compensation claims

Determining extent of employee's injury

Status after expiry of fixed-term contract

What happens when the worker keeps working?

Refusing to hire applicants with health issues stemming from lifestyle

Trying to limit benefits costs by avoiding applicants with health issues related to smoking

Determining safety sensitive work for drug and alcohol testing

When can testing be done?

Employee changing retirement date

The best-laid plans for a retiring employee may change
Target will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after its launch — hopes to give employees minimum 16-week packages. Katharine Jackson reports

Managing the Difficult Employee

Many HR professionals and managers must face dealing with those employees who are hard to manage. Make sure you’re up to the task!
Date: Jan 28, 2015
Time: 12 — 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

Accommodating Disability in the Workplace: The Trials and Tribulations

Know the right questions to ask and the best practices for the sensitive task of accommodating employee disability
Employers can feel the squeeze between the rights of the accused and the need to protect potential victims – especially if children are involved
There can be some surprising obligations when it comes to terminations