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Inquiring about older workers’ retirement plans

Balancing succession planning with no mandatory retirement

Workplace violence and health and safety

Relation between workplace harassment and workplace health and safety

Do changes in shifts require consideration?

Determining what is a fundamental change

Off-duty conduct related to employer

Employer's jurisdiction in dealing with off-duty conduct of employees

Employee harassing co-worker or customer outside of work

How much jurisdiction or liability does an employer have over an employee harassing another employee outside work?

Employee harassing co-worker or customer outside of work

Does an employer have jurisdiction to deal with harassment outside the workplace?

Successive fixed-term employment contracts

Fixed-term versus indefinite contracts
Jeffrey Smith, editor of Canadian Employment Law Today, talks about some more important employment law cases from 2013

Managing the Sandwich Generation, When BLT means “Balancing Legal Trouble”

Learn practical strategies for managing the complicated legal issues that come with both an aging population and increased family obligations for employees
Date: Apr 29, 2014
Time: 12- 1 pm EDT
Cost: $69

Accommodating Persons With Disabilities

Learn best practices to facilitate the development of a more inclusive, barrier-free work environment that promotes the participation of persons with disabilities
Controversy abounds over the use of foreign workers
Violent termination at Ceridian a reminder of what can go wrong during dismissals