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Termination clause upheld – 2 years' work, only 2 weeks' wages

Despite the fact the termination clause would not have met legislative minimums over a longer period of time, it did meet the minimums at time of termination

Fired employee’s challenge of contract provisions fails

Employment agreement met legislative minimums; employee just had a case of regret, says court

Truck driver doesn’t get the message on cellphone use while driving

Employee downplayed misconduct that breached company policy and the law

Firefighter fired after fight and racial comments

Racial comments following physical altercation warranted discipline but employment relationship not irreparably damaged: Arbitrator

Jail nurse faced abuse, health and safety risk from manager

Nurse and other employees at jail shocked at angry manager’s breach of harassment policy, safety protocols

Dependent contractors awarded 26 months’ notice of termination

Cabinet-making couple started off as employees then became subcontractors but employer still essentially controlled their business

Employee wants $100,000 for racial discrimination – and gets $3,500

Worker complained of several incidents breaching harassment policy, but employer met its obligations in some of them
Cynthia Ingram, a lawyer with Keyser Mason Ball, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV what the components of thorough workplace investigations include.

Ontario Ministry of Labour Audits, Inspections and Investigations – Managing Risk and Avoiding Corpo

Make sure you understand your organization’s rights and obligations when the Ministry comes knocking on your door
Date: Apr 29, 2015
Time: 12 - 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

Mitigation: How to Keep the Damage to a Minimum

When facing a demand for dismissal damages, it’s important to be familiar with a dismissed employee’s duty to limit those damages
Date: May 6, 2015
Time: 12 - 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

The Only Constant is Change: Labour and Employment Law in Today’s Workplaces

Keep up-to-date on the emerging issues of the ever-changing legal landscape for unionized and non-unionized workplaces
Recent Alberta court decision adds to family status accommodation obligations for employers
Employees need to understand that this is an opportunity to salvage the relationship