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Employer must pay $30,000 for defaming former employee

Company owners made false accusations against former employee to clients

Hospital discriminated against nurse who forged prescriptions

Nurse’s misconduct was to obtain drugs to feed addiction; angry doctors swayed hospital’s decision not to pursue accommodation

Injured worker wins 14-year appeals battle over ability to do recommended job

Workers’ compensation board and tribunal determined suitability of job for injured worker without finding out if required modifications could actually be done

Worker wins childcare accommodation, avoids night shift

Employer couldn’t explain why allowing worker to work straight day shifts couldn’t be done

Termination clause upheld – 2 years' work, only 2 weeks' wages

Despite the fact the termination clause would not have met legislative minimums over a longer period of time, it did meet the minimums at time of termination

Fired employee’s challenge of contract provisions fails

Employment agreement met legislative minimums; employee just had a case of regret, says court

Truck driver doesn’t get the message on cellphone use while driving

Employee downplayed misconduct that breached company policy and the law
Debra Pepler, scientific co-director at and a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, talks about the significant impact bullying and harassment can have in the workplace. Anastasiya Jogal reports.

Mitigation: How to Keep the Damage to a Minimum

When facing a demand for dismissal damages, it’s important to be familiar with a dismissed employee’s duty to limit those damages
Some employers just can't resist lashing out at employees
Yes, an employee can be fired for doing something on her own time, even if her behaviour has nothing to do with work