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District manager demoted after affair with company owner ends

Owner claimed employee wasn’t doing her job well and requested a change, but evidence showed employee wanted to stay in her position

Mental distress compensation awarded by Ontario tribunal

Standard restricting workers compensation for mental stress to that caused by sudden and unexpected events discriminatory

Worker’s dishonesty muddles duty to accommodate

Employer had evidence that should have quelled suspicions about worker’s injury, but employee didn’t help his case by exaggerating

Poor attitude, performance makes fixed-term contract even shorter

Insults, insubordinate behaviour gave just cause to terminate executive's contract before its end date: Court

Pregnant server constructively dismissed and discriminated against

New owner felt server didn’t fit with sports bar's new image and tried to get her to quit: Human Rights Tribunal

Vale employees fired after assaulting picket-line crosser

Workers claimed it was a chance encounter but evidence pointed to premeditated ‘scab hunt’: Arbitrator

Voluntary severance program not discriminatory: Arbitrator

Labatt's incentive payment calculated from earnings of last day worked, which was lower for workers on LTD
Cynthia Ingram, a lawyer with Keyser Mason Ball, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV what the components of thorough workplace investigations include.

Managing an Aging Workforce

Best practices in managing older workers and generational diversity will prepare your organization for the demographic shift of an aging population
But Franck Gervais' employer should not act hastily in considering discipline
Our private lives are becoming less private every day and off-duty conduct can be hazardous