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Employee wants $100,000 for racial discrimination – and gets $3,500

Worker complained of several incidents breaching harassment policy, but employer met its obligations in some of them

Human rights damages in wrongful dismissal lawsuits

Ontario courts are increasingly using previously little-used powers to award human rights damages

CPR worker’s angry phone calls not just cause for dismissal

Worker’s conduct was ‘inappropriate and unprofessional’ but not reason for dismissal; worker’s lack of co-operation with investigation worsened appropriate discipline

Employer changes mind about changing worker’s hours

Employer told worker he was getting new shift hours but backtracked when worker protested

End of the line for insubordinate worker

Employee claimed dismissal was related to his union work, but insubordinate comments and behaviour were not related

Maintenance worker fired for smoking marijuana at school

No one saw worker smoking but he was the only one in room where drug was detected

Employee fired after false accusation against co-worker

Employee kept changing date and couldn’t provide details of alleged knife incident with co-worker with whom he had past altercations
Target will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after its launch — hopes to give employees minimum 16-week packages. Katharine Jackson reports

Accommodation and Attendance Management

Learn best practices for managing employee absences and accommodating when necessary
Date: Mar 18, 2015
Time: 12 - 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

Accommodating Disability in the Workplace: The Trials and Tribulations

Know the right questions to ask and the best practices for the sensitive task of accommodating employee disability
Does there need to be an intermediate distinction between employee and independent contractor?
Evidence arising post-dismissal could allow employer to void severance agreement