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Preparing for the aging workforce

No mandatory retirement and an aging population means employers must adapt to having older workers

Disabled employee fired for misleading employer

Difference between the way worker carried herself at work and that observed outside of work was like ‘night and day’

Foreign workers denied medical coverage after status expires

Coverage of foreign workers not meant to extend past end of work permits: Court

Accommodating employee disability — It’s not all that painful

Employers must comply with both human rights and workers’ compensation legislation, but keeping it simple will make accommodation that much easier

CIBC wrongfully dismissed financial advisor in bad faith: Court

Bank’s sketchy discipline decisions and poor investigation of alleged misconduct led to bad faith dismissal

Making a contract stick

Employment contracts are important tools for regulating the employment relationship — if properly drafted

Assessment of foreign worker’s credentials discriminatory

Certification authority for Alberta engineers created obstacles for international candidates: Tribunal
Neena Gupta, a lawyer with Gowlings in Kitchener, Ont., discusses the impact Canada's aging workforce will have on employers.

The Independent Contractor — All That Glitters is not Gold

Using independent contractors has its benefits for employers. Know how to manage the legal risk that comes with this practice so your organization can take full advantage
Overzealous sick leave management can have ill results
B.C. case expands issues courts are prepared to consider