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Church employee loses faith in employer

Poor relationship with church leadership leads to health and safety complaint, harassment complaint and dismissal

Firing for racist comments upheld

Racist and threatening remarks made by immigrant worker towards another immigrant worker breached code of conduct and policies

Employer puts end to union representative's harassment

Union unsuccessfully tried to stop worker’s intimidation and harassment internally

School board ordered to reinstate teacher acquitted of sexual assault charges

Teacher was fired after school board felt there was enough evidence to show inappropriate behaviour, but arbitrator found former student’s account was flawed

Employee sent packing after pre-planned trip while off sick

Worker made trip arrangements after using up his vacation time, then asked his doctor for note giving him time off for stress during trip dates

Employee wrongfully dismissed for social media postings

International organization had serious concerns over employee’s social media use and attitude but never officially warned her until her dismissal

Getting up to speed on human rights

Two Ontario cases showcase possible trends in human rights decisions employers need to be aware of going into 2015
The BBC has decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, the hugely-popular but divisive presenter of Top Gear. As David Pollard reports, the show is one of the broadcaster's biggest money makers [ Transcript ]
Should there be accommodation for employees who are getting married?
Courts will look at the true nature of the employment relationship, but there are way to make true contracts bulletproof