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Jul 30, 2014
Failure of cooling fan and buildup of wood dust caused explosion that killed 2, injured 22

Jul 29, 2014
Worker's insulting and threatening posts were public, so it was forseeable the co-worker would find out about them: Arbitrator

Jul 28, 2014
Provincial workers' compensation laws changing

Jul 25, 2014
Details not made public, hearing scheduled for Aug. 12

Jul 24, 2014
Confusion over legality of e-cigarette use means employers need clear policies over their use in the workplace

Jul 22, 2014
Group says Alberta labour laws are among worst in Canada

Jul 21, 2014
Waiting until dismissal before revealing addiction won't necessarily save the employee
Jun 26, 2014
Woman claimed stress of daily commute made her anxiety and depression worse but she was fired when she demanded flexible hours

Jun 19, 2014
Could help with government corruption cases

Jun 11, 2014
Anger over lack of rules for coal mining industry in wake of mine fire that killed 301

Jun 5, 2014
Large numbers of transit workers called in sick after city's contract proposal was rejected

Jun 3, 2014
Only one other U.S. state offers paid sick leave

Apr 25, 2014
Trial was scheduled to begin in May on behalf of 64,000 workers
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No mandatory retirement and an aging population means employers must adapt to having older workers

Changes intended to protect Canadian jobs but will mean more red tape for employers using temporary foreign workers

Family status clarified by the federal court of appeal

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Neena Gupta, a lawyer with Gowlings in Kitchener, Ont., discusses the impact Canada's aging workforce will have on employers.

The Independent Contractor — All That Glitters is not Gold

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Overzealous sick leave management can have ill results
B.C. case expands issues courts are prepared to consider