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Aug 27, 2015
Province creating leadership table on workplace violence prevention

Aug 24, 2015
Decision raises concerns over defence employee benefit claims

Aug 24, 2015
79 allegations of fraud out of 72,000 hires

Aug 20, 2015
Ruling marks important victory for an issue, age group that often get overlooked: Lawyer

Aug 19, 2015
Had no legal authority to release details of job status

Aug 18, 2015
Defence chief formally signs orders to stamp out impropriety

Aug 17, 2015
Firing 'based on results of investigation'
Aug 27, 2015
Follows inquiry into legality of such scheduling at 13 retailers

Aug 24, 2015
Home care workers hired through staffing agencies have been exempt from wage and overtime regulations

Aug 21, 2015
Groups contend company unfairly favouring tech specialists

Aug 18, 2015
Decision reverses prior Workers' Compensation Appeal Board decision

Jul 23, 2015
Result of overhaul of labour laws in 2012

Jul 23, 2015
Work that can't be classified as legal work falls under overtime labour provisions: Court
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Employee’s claims supervisor threatened him were false and in bad faith in light of co-workers’ reports that nothing of the sort happened

When a single act of misconduct can be just cause for dismissal

Employee can’t resign from position without also resigning from employment, even if applying for job in another department: Arbitrator

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Lyndsay Wasser, co-chair of the privacy group at McMillan LLP, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter to discuss pitfalls and benefits of using social media to conduct background checks during the recruitment process. Liz Foster reports

Social Media: An organization’s best friend and worst enemy

Social media can’t be ignored but it can have a positive role for employers if approached effectively
Date: Sep 16, 2015
Time: 12 - 1 pm ET
Cost: 69.00

Mitigation: How to Keep the Damage to a Minimum

When facing a demand for dismissal damages, it’s important to be familiar with a dismissed employee’s duty to limit those damages
Ashley Madison hack shows potential for employers to get drawn into ugly situations
David Peterson accusation highlights the fact employers cannot ignore any allegations of sexual harassment