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Jul 22, 2014
Group says Alberta labour laws are among worst in Canada

Jul 21, 2014
Waiting until dismissal before revealing addiction won't necessarily save the employee

Jul 17, 2014
Railway appealing arbitrator's decision to reinstate engineer who tested positive for cocaine following incident

Jul 15, 2014
Provincial government report follows botched investigations into sawmill explosions

Jul 10, 2014
Decision to close store not made in ordinary course of business as it was performing well: Court

Jul 9, 2014
Province looks to improve patient safety by requiring health-care staff to take measures against flu

Jul 8, 2014
Determination of how close harasser can work with victim related to collective agreement's safe workplace provision
Jul 15, 2014
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission emphasizes illegality of workplace discrimination or harassment against pregnant women

Jun 26, 2014
Woman claimed stress of daily commute made her anxiety and depression worse but she was fired when she demanded flexible hours

Jun 19, 2014
Could help with government corruption cases

Jun 11, 2014
Anger over lack of rules for coal mining industry in wake of mine fire that killed 301

Jun 5, 2014
Large numbers of transit workers called in sick after city's contract proposal was rejected

Jun 3, 2014
Only one other U.S. state offers paid sick leave
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Offer to remain employed as means of mitigation must be clearly made to employee: Ontario Court of Appeal

Difference between the way worker carried herself at work and that observed outside of work was like ‘night and day’

Organizations need to take steps to ensure employees comply with CASL

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Neena Gupta, a lawyer with Gowlings in Kitchener, Ont., discusses the impact Canada's aging workforce will have on employers.

The Independent Contractor — All That Glitters is not Gold

Using independent contractors has its benefits for employers. Know how to manage the legal risk that comes with this practice so your organization can take full advantage
Employees using personal devices for business purposes can complicate privacy boundaries
Some employers take advantage of delays in system