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Oct 23, 2014
Reasonable notice should be bridge to full pension if dismissed employee is close to eligibility: Ontario court

Oct 20, 2014
Labour minister will only step in if employers' internal investigations fail to resolve work refusal issue

Oct 17, 2014
Airline workers feel vulnerable to risk of infection: Union

Oct 16, 2014
Companies will have targets and have to disclose policies on encouraging women in senior management

Oct 16, 2014
Ben Aissa, others allegedly committed fraud of $22.5 million

Oct 14, 2014
St. John's conducting workplace risk assessment before implementing ways to protect cab drivers

Oct 9, 2014
A terminated employee who is older may have a reduced duty to mitigate damages from dismissal
Oct 24, 2014
Company says it 'overlooked' U.S. labour laws; must pay more than $43,000 in back wages

Oct 23, 2014
9 workers have have come forward with allegations of racial harassment

Oct 23, 2014
Camel says cigarettes, cigars and pipes no longer permitted at desks, offices and conference rooms

Oct 8, 2014
Employee argue security process is part of the job and they should be paid for time spent going through it

Sep 23, 2014
Company required additional paperwork from permanent resident employees vs. those who were U.S. citizens, contrary to immigration law

Sep 10, 2014
Michigan firing latest in series of controversial dismissals of gay staff at Catholic schools
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Workers claimed it was a chance encounter but evidence pointed to premeditated ‘scab hunt’: Arbitrator

Employee sent letter after termination acknowledging his misconduct and vowing to be better if given another chance

Labatt's incentive payment calculated from earnings of last day worked, which was lower for workers on LTD

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