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Canadian Employment Law Today

Oct 14, 2015 Print Edition:

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Termination payment of ‘salary’ in breach of ESA: Appeal court

Provision calling for salary paid in event of termination neglected to include car allowance and benefits

Online posts disparaging top customer not enough for dismissal

Comments harmed company’s reputation and relationship, but worker had a good record and was remorseful afterwards

Questioning the legitimacy of doctor’s notes

When suspicions arise over an employee's absence

Paying an employee for a single-day trip

Is travel to and from business meeting in another city payable?

Foreign worker sent home after using old work permit

Worker’s failure to demonstrate intention to return home results in exclusion order

Meat processing plant worker throws fat at co-worker, throws job away

Worker ignored warnings to stop; misconduct witnessed by supervisor and co-workers

Refusal of re-employment offer ignoring lost wages not a failure to mitigate

Employer's offer of return to work didn't cover entire time employee was off work

Cherry bomb blows up worker’s job

Worker used firecrackers in gas station parking lot following shift
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