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Canadian Employment Law Today

Nov 12, 2014 Print Edition:

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District manager demoted after affair with company owner ends

Owner claimed employee wasn’t doing her job well and requested a change, but evidence showed employee wanted to stay in her position

Mental distress compensation awarded by Ontario tribunal

Standard restricting workers compensation for mental stress to that caused by sudden and unexpected events discriminatory

Worker’s dishonesty muddles duty to accommodate

Employer had evidence that should have quelled suspicions about worker’s injury, but employee didn’t help his case by exaggerating

Employee found to have lied on job application

Is it too late once employee is hired?

Bad performance reviews and warnings

Is a poor review equivalent to a warning?

Worker’s holdout for ‘perfect’ accommodation fails

Employee’s refusal of accommodation options not a failure of employer to accommodate: Adjudicator

Worker cut from staff after knife incident

Employee slashed co-worker and threatened him again

No just cause if allegations aren’t investigated

Employer warned employee but didn't look into allegations of trying to move customers to competitor

Worker fired for side jobs while on LTD

Worker accused of receiving income from part-time job and real estate job while on leave for cancer treatment
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