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Canadian Employment Law Today

Jun 24, 2015 Print Edition:

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Employer’s threat to recover damage cost from worker doesn’t work

Note threatening to deduct expenses changed employment contract and constructively dismissed worker: Court

Supreme Court of Canada weighs in on constructive dismissal

Suspension can lead to constructive dismissal, even if it’s paid

Liability for discrimination by recruitment agency

Agency acting as employer's agent in looking for new employees

Mandatory business trips

Entitlement to compensation for trips not normally part of the job

Parking lot attendant fired for shady cash transactions

Customer report of worker accepting cash under the table confirmed employer’s suspicions from previous incidents

Altercation with student spells end of job for school board worker

Employee wasn't on duty but identified herself as school board employee

Shorter shift offer was constructive dismissal

Supervisor didn't want worker back but he didn't make staffing decisions

Double shift leads to sleepy worker

Employer didn't normally allow double shifts but worker responded to last-minute request to cover overnight duties
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