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Canadian Employment Law Today

Feb 18, 2015 Print Edition:

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Employer changes mind about changing worker’s hours

Employer told worker he was getting new shift hours but backtracked when worker protested

CPR worker’s angry phone calls not just cause for dismissal

Worker’s conduct was ‘inappropriate and unprofessional’ but not reason for dismissal; worker’s lack of co-operation with investigation worsened appropriate discipline

Implementing a tracking system for employees

Is employee consent necessary?

Employer puts end to union representative's harassment

Union unsuccessfully tried to stop worker’s intimidation and harassment internally

Worker plays up symptoms in unsuccessful mental stress claim

Worker claimed lingering psychological effects from accident when original claim expired

Dropping hints not clear notice of dismissal: Court

Worker moved to work-sharing program and then told to look for more work

Employee puts brakes on retraining

Employee returning to work didn't want to attend out-of-town training
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