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Canadian Employment Law Today

Sep 17, 2014 Print Edition:

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Is a drug-free workplace a thing of the past?

Medical marijuana creates a buzz for employers

Fired lifeguard thrown lifeline by arbitration board

Worker was fired after failure to return to work at end of leave; employer’s denial of extension request was unreasonable: Board

Assault of employee by outsider

Liability when non-employee gains access to the workplace

Keeping a harasser away

What to do in the aftermath of a harassment complaint

Major changes for specialized knowledge workers

It’s not as easy for foreign workers and their employers to avoid the LMO process by claiming specialized skills

Worker’s dismissal after OHS inspector’s visit a reprisal: Board

Employee expressed concern over harassment from customers; co-worker complained to Ministry of Labour

Worker gets testy over post-incident drug and alcohol test

Worker claimed others were responsible for accident and should be tested as well
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