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CNR engineer responsible for train collision reinstated by arbitrator

Failure to follow procedure resulting in costly accident warranted serious discipline but not dismissal for worker

Worker dismissed for not being upfront about overseas trip while on layoff

Worker knew he'd be away for months but was recalled to work three weeks later

Long-time worker reinstated after dismissal for theft

Length of service and remorse factors saving employment relationship

Employer’s finances not a factor in determining notice: Appeal court

Court of Appeal overturns lower court's decision limiting notice entitlement for wrongfully dismissed employee

Assignment of work biggest factor for independent contractor relationship: Court

Employer's only knowledge of contractor's work was when she submitted monthly time sheets

Arbitrator throws pool worker a lifeline

Employee's misconduct wasn't as serious as co-workers involved in incident

Smoke but no fire for worker’s WSIB claim

Worker claimed respiratory symptoms developed because of work at tobacco plant, but had history of smoking and allergies
Lyndsay Wasser, co-chair of the privacy group at McMillan LLP, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter to discuss pitfalls and benefits of using social media to conduct background checks during the recruitment process. Liz Foster reports

Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

Determine if testing is appropriate for your workplace and how to go about it
Date: Feb 24, 2016
Time: 12 - 1 pm ET
Cost: 69.00

Employee Off-Duty Conduct – Protecting the Workplace

The off-duty conduct of employees is a hot issue for employers right now. Here’s what your organization can do to protect itself
Workplace policies against misconduct are good to have but they’re no good if employees aren’t aware of them
Recent decision not entirely consistent with previous case law