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CPR worker fired after alcohol test refusal

Worker denied consuming alcohol but refused test; refusal treated same as positive test under policy

Hypertension following workplace accident not related to accident

Condition showed up on tests following accident but was likely pre-existing: Tribunal

Fired exec given inadequate notice; gets almost $350,000 for 3 years’ service

Requirement to buy shares showed expectation of long-term employment relationship

Ineligible benefit claim not fraud, just a mistake: Arbitrator

Employee was unaware his wife couldn't claim coverage for safety glasses

Workplace assault not enough to terminate: Arbitrator

Worker's extreme reaction to co-worker jumping into workspace over-the-top but understandable: Arbitrator

No workers' compensation for independent contractor

Worker had too many characteristics of independent contractor to be employee: Tribunal

Worker entitled to compensation for PTSD from attack, not any subsequent stress: Tribunal

Worker returned to work following incident; subsequent incidents not related to PTSD
Target will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after its launch — hopes to give employees minimum 16-week packages. Katharine Jackson reports

Managing the Difficult Employee

Many HR professionals and managers must face dealing with those employees who are hard to manage. Make sure you’re up to the task!
Date: Jan 28, 2015
Time: 12 — 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

Accommodating Disability in the Workplace: The Trials and Tribulations

Know the right questions to ask and the best practices for the sensitive task of accommodating employee disability
Employee injuries are tough to deal with for both the injured and their employers
There can be some surprising obligations when it comes to terminations