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Worker suffered unfair treatment but not discrimination from supervisor

Bad treatment by supervisor not related to worker's sexual orientation: tribunal

No just cause means right to recall still valid

Dismissal wasn't for poor performance and didn't negate right to recall for seasonal worker: Arbitrator

Verbal agreement on commission stands without written agreement

Employee agreed to certain level of sales commission when hired but no written contract was provided

Vandalism leads back to employee with grudge

Worker denied damaging co-workers' tools but evidence pointed to guilt

Worker’s dismissal after OHS inspector’s visit a reprisal: Board

Employee expressed concern over harassment from customers; co-worker complained to Ministry of Labour

Supreme Court of Canada dismisses challenge to allocation of EI funds

Unions wanted surplus to go towards EI but funds were part of general government revenues

Worker suspended for harassment, fired for retaliation

Worker continued misconduct after 15-day suspension for harassment
Neena Gupta, a lawyer with Gowlings in Kitchener, Ont., discusses the impact Canada's aging workforce will have on employers.

Demographic Doom or Experience Boon: Managing an Aging Workforce

Best practices in managing older workers and generational diversity will prepare your organization for the demographic shift of an aging population
Date: Oct 29, 2014
Time: 12 — 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

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Learn best practices for attracting the best people to your organization and avoiding liability
Eliminating the difference between claims for mental stress and physical injuries
It's important to celebrate more than just 1 religion in the workplace