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Employee afraid of change not constructively dismissed: Arbitrator

Employee had other job offer and was looking to get something before leaving

Employee cries alcoholism too late after dismissal and drunk driving charge

Employee denied medical reasons for attendance issues

Worker plays up symptoms in unsuccessful mental stress claim

Worker claimed lingering psychological effects from accident when original claim expired

Dropping hints not clear notice of dismissal: Court

Worker moved to work-sharing program and then told to look for more work

Fired employee didn’t secure guaranteed term of employment: Court

Employee wanted five-year guarantee but nothing was ever officially agreed to

CPR worker fired after alcohol test refusal

Worker denied consuming alcohol but refused test; refusal treated same as positive test under policy

Hypertension following workplace accident not related to accident

Condition showed up on tests following accident but was likely pre-existing: Tribunal
The BBC has decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, the hugely-popular but divisive presenter of Top Gear. As David Pollard reports, the show is one of the broadcaster's biggest money makers [ Transcript ]
Should there be accommodation for employees who are getting married?
Courts will look at the true nature of the employment relationship, but there are way to make true contracts bulletproof