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Sue Sadler, senior director of services for Peel Region at ACCES employment in Ontario, talks about issues employers and immigrants face in onboarding, and what can be done to accommodate new immigrants
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Jul 20, 2015
Lyndsay Wasser, co-chair of the privacy group at McMillan LLP, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter to discuss pitfalls and benefits of using social media to conduct background checks during the recruitment process. Liz Foster reports
Aug 31, 2015
Moments after Vester Flanagan was fired in 2013 from the Virginia station WDBJ, he handed a wooden cross to the news director and said, "You’ll need this," GM Jeff Marks says
May 12, 2015
Debra Pepler, scientific co-director at and a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, talks about the significant impact bullying and harassment can have in the workplace. Anastasiya Jogal reports.
Mar 25, 2015
The BBC has decided not to renew the contract of Jeremy Clarkson, the hugely-popular but divisive presenter of Top Gear. As David Pollard reports, the show is one of the broadcaster's biggest money makers
Jan 15, 2015
Target will abandon its ill-fated expansion into Canada less than two years after its launch — hopes to give employees minimum 16-week packages. Katharine Jackson reports
Nov 3, 2014
Cynthia Ingram, a lawyer with Keyser Mason Ball, explains to Canadian HR Reporter TV what the components of thorough workplace investigations include.
Jul 4, 2014
Neena Gupta, a lawyer with Gowlings in Kitchener, Ont., discusses the impact Canada's aging workforce will have on employers.
Mar 3, 2014
Jeffrey Smith, editor of Canadian Employment Law Today, talks about some more important employment law cases from 2013
Feb 24, 2014
At a recent Canadian HR Reporter roundtable discussion on the future of unions in the private sector, panellists discussed how unions might be trying to entice young workers into the fold and, in turn, whether young workers are interested in the labour movement
Feb 12, 2014
Canadian Employment Law Today editor Jeffrey Smith highlights important employment law decisions pertaining to overtime pay, accommodation and workplace safety
Dec 9, 2013
Canadian HR Reporter recently moderated a round table discussion on the future of labour relations in the private sector. In this video, panellists discuss the PR problem unions may or may not have and what can be done to overcome it.
Oct 7, 2013
Struggling with the decision to pay an intern or not? Canadian HR Reporter TV turned to the experts to get employers informed and keep out of any legal trouble
Employment law
Apr 10, 2012
Megan Burkett, a lawyer in Keyser Mason Ball's HR law group, talks about what essential items should be included in employee handbooks and common mistakes employers make.
Mar 20, 2012
Simon Heath, a lawyer with Keyser Mason Ball LLP in Mississauga, Ont., talks about the difference between employees and contractors (both dependent and independent) and how companies can differentiate between the 2 for legal reasons.
Employment law
Feb 28, 2012
Krista Siedlack, a lawyer with Bernardi Human Resource Law in Mississauga, Ont., talks about severance packages, including what HR should do to establish an employee's failure to mitigate.
Feb 21, 2012
Carolyn Kay, a partner at Toronto law firm Hicks Morley, talks about the pay equity issues employers face, the hidden costs of non-compliance and how to deal with a request from Ontario's Pay Equity Commission
Employment law
Jan 4, 2012
K.C. Wysynski, an associate at Watershed LLP in Oakville, Ont., discusses constructive dismissal, including things for employees to consider when contemplating a lawsuit, the duty to mitigate and the outcome of the Evans v. Teamster Supreme Court of Canada ruling.
Jul 26, 2011
Benjamin Kranc, an immigration lawyer in Toronto, talks about the process of hiring foreign workers for Canadian firms and what HR can do to make it easier.
May 10, 2011
Allison Taylor, counsel with Stringer Brisbin Humphrey in Toronto, talks about how employers can effectively manage employees on disability leave.
Mar 28, 2011
Sergio Karas, principal of Karas and Associates Immigration Lawyers in Toronto and author of the Global Business Immigration Handbook, talks about what employers and human resources professionals need to understand when hiring foreign workers.