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Worker goes off the rails over sick note request

Worker's displeasure at demand for doctor's note leads to threat, dismissal

Driver with marijuana leaves the bus

Worker denied drug was his but his story was suspect

Employee fails to heed warnings

Employee said she thought she had permission to make certain long-distance calls and take leave on short notice

Telemarketer fights over employment status

Worker argued he was an employee, but employer claimed he was on contract

Long-time worker pushes for severance pay after layoff

Worker and others were laid off after shutdown of slot machines at racetrack

CPR worker slides into drug test

Worker reported minor vehicle accident and was asked to take test

Dismissal dispute: Poor performance or reprisal?

Employee and employer disagreed on reason for dismissal
Debra Pepler, scientific co-director at and a psychology professor at York University in Toronto, talks about the significant impact bullying and harassment can have in the workplace. Anastasiya Jogal reports.

Mitigation: How to Keep the Damage to a Minimum

When facing a demand for dismissal damages, it’s important to be familiar with a dismissed employee’s duty to limit those damages
Employers aren’t legally allowed to make deductions from employees’ pay – but does doing so constitute a fundamental change to the employment contract?
Yes, an employee can be fired for doing something on her own time, even if her behaviour has nothing to do with work