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Water treatment plant operator washed away

Parent company claimed controller had no authority to hire new operator

Worker questions motives behind layoff

Employee laid off after shifts were rearranged

Employer doesn’t like those apples

Employee didn't follow company policy when taking apples and paying for them later

Accommodation request for shorter commute

Employee claimed long commute aggravated medical conditions

Worker buckles under pressure to buckle up

Worker claimed he was wearing seatbelt until just before supervisor saw him driving without one

Sanitation worker's puddle of trouble

Worker said he had a condition that led to him urinating in employer's garbage area

Careless handling of caretaker’s return to work?

Employer was eager to get worker back working
Lyndsay Wasser, co-chair of the privacy group at McMillan LLP, sat down with Canadian HR Reporter to discuss pitfalls and benefits of using social media to conduct background checks during the recruitment process. Liz Foster reports

Employee Off-Duty Conduct – Protecting the Workplace

The off-duty conduct of employees is a hot issue for employers right now. Here’s what your organization can do to protect itself
Courts disagree on the liability when a fixed-term contract’s termination provision is deemed too ambiguous
Employers should know the facts before responding to requests