A lesson in employment contracts

Employers, acting in good faith, don’t have to bend to unreasonable demands in contract negotiations
By Todd Humber
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Employees should think twice about pushing the envelope when it comes to negotiating employment contracts, particularly if they’ve already resigned. That’s the clear message coming out of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice after a computer programmer, who was terminated after demanding eight weeks’ vacation during contract negotiations, sued unsuccessfully for wrongful dismissal in

Kouznetchik v. Odeka Corp.

Vlad Kouznetchik was a self-taught computer programmer who immigrated to Canada from Russia at the age of 15. Shortly after he arrived in 1997, he took a position with Odeka, a small financial software manufacturer in Toronto. Paul Odette, the chairman of Odeka, hired the then 16-year-old Kouznetchik as a summer employee. The company decided to keep Kouznetchik on, offering him a starting salary of $27,000.