B.C. termination ends in scuffle

Worker awarded extra damages after he was dragged out to police car on main street of a small town following a scuffle with board members
By Todd Humber
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A British Columbia man who was fired without cause, got into an altercation with board members when they entered his office and was later dragged out by police to a squad car on the main street of a small town, was awarded extra damages by the British Columbia Supreme Court for the way his dismissal was handled.

Joseph Zadorozniak was hired as general manager of Community Futures Development Corp. of Nicola Valley in Merritt, B.C. on Nov. 6, 2000. He was paid a salary of $57,000. Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDC) are non-profit entities with more than 30 branches in small towns across B.C. They promote employment opportunities and are lenders of last resort for potential entrepreneurs and businesses.

Core funding for the program was provided by the Minister of Western Economic Diversification (now known as Western Development.) That funding allows the company to run its office and to lend money. Various other programs were funded by Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC.)