Ontario court sends stinging message to U.S.-based company

Canadian employee awarded nearly $650,000 in damages after 18 months on the job; judge blasts company as “bullies in a David and Goliath situation”
By Neena Gupta
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Geotel Communications (now Cisco Systems Inc.) was given a stern rebuke by Justice Donald Ferguson of the Ontario Superior Court in his reasons for judgment in a recent wrongful dismissal decision.

The case was launched by Carlyle Buchanan, a former district sales manager for Geotel. The reasons are important for their assessment of damages as well as the analysis of the implications in Ontario of employment documents which refer to U.S. law.

Given the number of issues dealt with by Justice Ferguson, this article will be published in two parts (the second part will be published in the April 16 issue of CELT.) This part focuses on the award of damages.