Employer cavalier about employee’s rights

The amount of severance pay was unconscionable because the employee was ignorant of her legal rights
|Canadian Employment Law Today

After 3.5 years working as the marketing director with Digital Rez Software Corp., Denise Lambert’s employment came to an end. Ms. Lambert was responsible for creating advertising and promoting the company which she did by preparing multi- media publications for potential customers.

During her tenure with the company Ms. Lambert’s duties expanded and her wages increased. She was promised long-term secure employment and that she would be paid a bonus based on the performance of the company.

Towards the end of her employment, Ms. Lambert began receiving less and less work. On June 10, 2000, she was informed that she was being laid off. She did not want to be laid off and told the president of the company that she would rather get it over with and be terminated so that she could receive severance pay.