Pig litter leads to lawsuit

Company induced employer to terminate worker
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Springhill Farms operates a hog processing plant located near the Town of Neepawa, Man. A condition of its license to operate this plant was that all manure had to be disposed of by spreading it on agricultural land. Hogs were delivered to a hog receiving barn operated by Manitoba Pork on the east side of Springhill Farms’ plant.

After delivering the hogs, truck drivers would dump their pig litter in the vicinity of a pad constructed for that specific use at the farm. Pig litter is the hay or straw used for lining the floors of the trucks together with urine and excrement left behind by the hogs.

Springhill Farms contracted with Terry Labuik to haul the pig litter away. Although to Springhill pig litter is considered a waste to be disposed of, to many farmers pig litter is a valued source of fertilizer. Mr. Labuik entered into an agreement with one such area farmer, Terry Payjack, whereby he would haul pig litter to Mr. Payjack’s property. This arrangement began in 1993 and continued for three years.