Incremental changes

Changes made to the employment contract over time did not justify an increase in the notice period
|Canadian Employment Law Today

In February 1985 Lisle-Metrix Ltd. placed an advertisement in the Globe and Mail seeking candidates for a sales and marketing manager position. Henry Rasanen replied to that ad and was eventually hired for that position in April 1985. The terms of Mr. Rasanen’s employment were laid out in a letter of employment signed in March 1985. One of the terms in the letter was that Mr. Rasanen would receive one month per year notice of termination to a maximum of six months.

Mr. Rasanen’s remuneration was comprised of a base salary to be reviewed annually, a bonus on company sales, a car allowance, annual vacation and “all normal employee benefits.”

Mr. Rasanen’s function was to supervise outside and inside sales personnel and handle marketing. He reported to the company president and was considered a key member of the company’s management team.