Estopped from arguing constructive dismissal

Changes to the employment relationship were accepted by the employee
|Canadian Employment Law Today

In 1998 the Counsellor Training Institute Inc. (CTI) sought to obtain accreditation as a private post-secondary institution qualified to train counsellors in British Columbia. In order to obtain such accreditation CTI had to meet a number of benchmarks that had been established by the Private Post Secondary Education Commission.

On Nov. 9, 1998, Ilanna Mandel was made an offer of employment to assist CTI in obtaining the accreditation. The offer was for part-time employment for a salary of $25,000. The letter of employment contained a provision dealing with termination.

The provision stipulated that an employee who has been employed for at least three straight months is eligible for compensation on termination. After three months’ service she would receive one week’s notice; after twelve months she would receive two weeks’ notice and after three years of service she would receive three weeks’ notice plus one week for each additional completed year of employment to a maximum of eight weeks.