No contract provision for termination

Terminated contract employee entitled to payment of the contract balance
|Canadian Employment Law Today

On Sept. 13, 1999, Win Wachsmann commenced employment as the development director with the Valley Christian School Society. His employment was for a one-year term as outlined in his letter of employment. The letter indicated that it was not a formal contract but a continuing appointment with a built-in formal review at the end of the first year of service.

On July 5, 2000, the school principal reported to the society’s board of directors that Mr. Wachsmann had fulfilled his responsibilities satisfactorily and recommended that he be given a second one-year contract. The board approved this recommendation on Aug. 28 and Mr. Wachsmann was so informed.

On Sept. 29 the school librarian filed a sexual harassment complaint against Mr. Wachsmann. He was suspended with pay and reinstated by the board of directors on Oct. 17 on certain conditions. At the time of his reinstatement he was informed by letter that the board had determined not to renew his contract at the end of the current contract year.