Awarded lost income

Employee has no duty to advise his employer of other employment opportunities being explored
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Chris Savage worked for Transport Ease and Management Services (TEAMS), a trucking operation based in Winnipeg. He was responsible for soliciting new customers and making contact with existing customers so as to maintain the company’s business base.

On Oct. 11, 2000, Mr. Savage attended a lunch meeting with three individuals, one of whom was Kevin Smith, a former TEAMS employee. The other two individuals (Michael and Fred Schick) were truck owner-operators working with TEAMS. At that meeting the men told Mr. Savage of their business plan to start their own trucking company with five to six trucks initially. Mr. Savage was asked if he would be interested in a sales/dispatch position, but no offer was made. The meeting ended with both sides agreeing to consider the situation.

Mr. Savage did consider the new venture but ultimately decided that it would not be a good move for him. He did not have a good relationship with Fred Schick. After discussing the matter with his wife, he decided that he would not accept their offer if one was made.