Difficult employee dismissed for cause

|Canadian Employment Law Today

Industrial Security Limited (ISL) provided security to various large industrial sites. These services included the staffing of gatehouses and providing night patrols. ISL employed about 80 people in the Saint John area, one of whom was William Nickson.

Mr. Nickson worked as an uniformed security officer with ISL. Prior to working for ISL, Mr. Nickson had served in the Canadian Forces and had worked as a police officer in Calgary. Although he had dropped out of high school, he had attended university as a mature student and earned a degree in 1989. Mr. Nickson was employed by ISL for 13 years prior to his termination in 2000.

Mr. Nickson had had many conflicts with his supervisors at ISL. He had a tendency to question orders and directions from his supervisors. He also tended to be aggressive and officious. He made a point of staying clear of certain supervisors with whom he had difficulties. He claimed that some of the supervisors had leadership deficiencies and he often spoke to management about these supervisors. Several adverse reports were written about Mr. Nickson’s conduct by various supervisors.