Contract ends without word

A relationship characterized as one of intermediate nature, akin to employment, requires reasonable notice upon termination
|Canadian Employment Law Today

In 1978 JKC Enterprises Ltd. began providing trucking service to Calgary Woolco stores delivering appliances and furniture from the stores to Woolco’s customers. This relationship continued for the next 14 years. Originally JKC dealt directly with the individual stores; however in the later years it dealt with the Calgary Woolco warehouse centre.

By 1993 JKC was providing service to Woolco stores outside of Calgary in Alberta and British Columbia. Woolco was JKC’s sole client.

In 1994 Wal-Mart purchased approximately 120 Woolco stores from Woolworths. In February 1994 JKC received a notice from Wal-Mart informing of the change in ownership. JKC was never notified that there would be any change in respect to its contract.