No collateral contract

Employer’s expressed expectation of continuing employment did not constitute a guarantee
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In 1989 Dr. Ewa Lipczynska moved from Poland to Canada. Dr. Lipczynska is a highly qualified and distinguished scientist with post-doctoral degrees specializing in environmental chemistry and new technologies for water treatment.

Dr. Lipczynska and her husband, Jan Kochany, came to Canada in 1989 as senior visiting scientists to the University of Western Ontario. They also undertook some consulting work for the National Water Research Institute. During this time, both Dr. Lipczynska and her husband were employed by institutes in Poland.

Near the end of her initial stay, she and her family obtained landed immigrant status in Canada. This presented a dilemma as both Dr. Lipczynska and her husband had secure jobs in Poland and their families were in Poland. However Poland was undergoing sweeping political changes. Because of the political uncertainty, Dr. Lipczynska and her husband were concerned about their prospects in academia in Poland. Dr. Lipczynska made a trip to the University of Waterloo with the hopes of securing a position there.