Ramifications not communicated

Employee reprimands must clearly indicate the job is in jeopardy to avoid a finding of wrongful dismissal
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After five years of employment with Majestech Corporation as an office manager, Marie-Josée Bois was terminated without notice in August 1999. In response Ms. Bois brought an action for wrongful dismissal claiming damages in the amount of $25,000.

For the first few years of her employment with Majestech, Ms. Bois enjoyed a good working relationship with her employer. The office was small with just three employees. Unfortunately, an incident occurred in August 1998 after which her relationship with her employer deteriorated.

Prior to August 1998 Ms. Bois had brought her two daughters to work occasionally when they had a day off from school or were on vacation. On each such occasion Ms. Bois had obtained the prior authorization of Alfred Guiness, the branch manager.