Class action permitted

Employee action against employer for failure to pay wages during mandatory training program allowed
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Cindy Huras sought damages from Primerica Financial Services Ltd. on her own behalf and on behalf of all her class members for Primerica’s failure to pay a minimum wage pursuant to the Ontario Employment Standards Act to individuals who participated in a mandatory training program.

A class action was commenced against Primerica with Ms. Huras as the representative plaintiff. The proposed class members were all persons who attended a mandatory Primerica training program after May 18, 1993, and prior to January 1, 1998, in order to become a licensed sales representative for the company.

In the spring of 1996 Ms. Huras began her training to become a sales representative for Primerica. She successfully completed the training program and secured a license to become an insurance agent. In August 1996 Ms. Huras signed a standard form contract to become a licensed sales representative with Primerica.