Seizing wages

EIC entitled to recover overpayment from former claimant after 36-month deadline
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Réjean Plante applied for and received unemployment insurance benefits beginning December 1985. On Sept. 30, 1986, the Employment and Immigration Commission initiated an investigation of Mr. Plante.

As a result of this investigation, the commission sent a notice of refusal on Jan. 21, 1988, to Mr. Plante which made him ineligible for benefits as of Jan. 12, 1986, on the ground that he had not proved he was unemployed within the meaning of the Unemployment Insurance Act. The commission considered that Mr. Plante was operating a business for himself and was deemed to be working for a full week.

At that time Mr. Plante also received a notice of an overpayment of unemployment insurance benefits in the amount of $11,328, with a reimbursement obligation commencing Jan. 21, 1988.