Full-time status for employment denied

Can an employer discriminate on the basis of a reputation for litigious behaviour?
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Nöel Ayangma filed a complaint on Sept. 21, 1998, with the P.E.I. Human Rights Commission complaining that La Commission scholaire de langue français and/or Le Conseil scholaire unité administrative No. 5 (the board) had discriminated against him on the basis of race, age, ethnic/national origin and/or colour.

The complaint stemmed from the fact that, over a seven or eight-year period, Mr. Ayangma had been continually refused full-time employment by the board. It was his belief that he had not received a teaching or principal’s position because of his race, colour, ethnic/national origin and/or age.

Between 1991 and 1998, Mr. Ayangma applied for a number of full-time positions with the board. In almost every instance, Mr. Ayangma was interviewed for the positions for which he applied but was not successful in securing a position. He did, however, receive part-time contract positions.