Would-be carnie gets $11k: fired for being ‘too heavy’

Travelled from Sask. to B.C. on promise of job
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A carnival-ride operator who thought that a new hire was “too big and too heavy” to run the rides unlawfully discriminated against the man. That is what a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal member, Barbara Humphreys, has held recently in awarding Dion Rogal of Regina, Sask., $11,000 in compensation.

Rogal was working as a security guard in Regina when he saw a help-wanted ad for carnival work in the Vancouver area. He telephoned Grace Dalgliesh, who told him that she was with West Coast Amusements and that the job comprised setting up and taking down rides, as well as dealing with the public. The pay was $1,400 with room and board.

Rogal told Dalgliesh that he was 6’1” and 350 pounds, and she replied that this was not a problem. Rogal then advised Dalgliesh that he would give his current employer two weeks’ notice.