Can sack sales manager for looking to leave job

He was a fiduciary and didn’t do his work
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Is it just cause for dismissal if an employee uses company time to look for a new job? Given the right circumstances, absolutely, says the Ontario Court of Appeal in a recent judgment.

Sherman Cunningham met Kurt Felker while the two men were sharing a golf cart. Cunningham told Felker about Electro Source, his business which distributed electronic components. Felker replied that he was in sales in the same field and that he hoped to set up his own distributorship, JAS Technology.

Cunningham was impressed but did not have the resources to offer Felker a job at the time. However, a few months later, the plum position of Toronto sales manager opened up at Electro Source, and Cunningham hired Felker at $130,000 per year.