It’s the conduct, not the words, that count

Employee said she quit, but her actions demonstrated otherwise: Federal Court
|Canadian Employment Law Today

The Federal Court has upheld an adjudicator’s ruling that an employee’s conduct, in the days after she told her boss she quit, demonstrated she did not have a genuine intention to resign.

Brenda Baldrey was a model customer service representative for H & R Transport Ltd. for six years. On Jan. 28, 2000, shortly after a Friday meeting started, Baldrey said she “couldn’t take it any more” and that she “quit.” Her supervisor followed her out of the room and asked her to return, but she declined.

She left without clearing out her desk or returning her keys. She didn’t contact her employer until the following Wednesday. But on Monday she got a note from her doctor which read: “Please excuse Brenda from work from Jan. 28 due to medical reasons until March 1.”