Notice reduction a two-way street

Press operator terminated during downturn awarded 12 months’ notice
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A former press operator was awarded 12 months’ notice after his employment was terminated without cause. Don Rowsell started working for Quebecor on April 10, 1987, as a shipper and receiver. Two years later he was assigned to one of six printing presses at a facility in Toronto where he occupied the position of press helper.

His co-workers helped “show him the ropes” as a press helper. He subsequently moved up to press feeder. Rowsell spent five years in that role as an apprentice. He was then promoted to second pressman. He held that position for seven years before his dismissal.

On Nov. 13, 2002, after almost 16 years with Quebecor, Rowsell was fired without any prior warning. The company said it would provide Rowsell with a severance package: