Trucking firm’s investigation on the wrong road

Conducting a thorough, thoughtful investigation is a critical step in any decision to terminate an employee for cause. That’s because the onus is on the employer to prove it had just cause to terminate the employment relationship without notice, something that has often been referred to as the “capital punishment” of employment law.
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Schneider National Carriers Inc., a transportation company based in Green Bay, Wis., with operations across North America, was ordered to give an Ontario worker three months’ pay after it fired her for cause without notice for creating a hostile work environment.

Carol Roe started working for Schneider in February 2001 as a truck driver. When she was hired she was informed of the company’s policy on sexual harassment, which essentially said it will not be tolerated.

Roe worked as a driver until July 2003 when she switched to the position of training engineer. She was responsible for training new drivers.