Civil servant can keep $5,000

Deceased woman left Veterans Affairs worker money in her will; court says he can keep it
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A federal government employee who helped veterans with their pensions and benefits can keep a $5,000 inheritance left to him by the wife of a veteran he helped out, the Federal Court has ruled.

Daniel Assh, a lawyer at Department of Veterans Affairs who worked as a pensions advocate, was left $5,000 in the will of Maria Orn. In his capacity as pensions advocate, Assh helped Orn between 1993 and 1996 with certain claims. Assh had no dealings with Orn or contact with her after 1996.

On July 8, 2001, Orn made a will in which she made a number of specific bequests, including $5,000 for Assh. Assh did not seek such a bequest nor was he told about it until he was contacted by Orn’s solicitor upon her death. She died about three weeks after making the will.