Worker caught on tape

Workers harassed employee who they suspected got co-worker fired for theft
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Lying to an arbitrator is always a bad idea, as a food worker in Wheatley, Ont., found out. Nilton Marques was fired from his job at Omstead Foods Ltd. for harassment on Feb. 21, 2005. Marques had written “U SUCKY DINK” on the wall in the lunchroom next to where Joe Resendes, a co-worker, normally sits. The act was caught on videotape.

There was a history of harassment at Omstead towards Resendes. A worker had been fired for theft, and some of the employees fingered Resendes as the one who had tipped management off. Three times his truck was scratched in the parking lot. In May 2004 a worker was suspended for writing “You’re a backyard rat” on the wall near where Resendes sat.

A number of other messages were also written. The harassment bothered Resendes greatly and he became edgy, moody and had problems doing his job and it kept him awake at night.