Smuggling employee reinstated

Worker at Windsor-Detroit tunnel crossing fired after smuggling $67 worth of perfume across border
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An electrician who worked in the maintenance department at the Detroit and Canada Tunnel Corp., the company that runs the tunnel connecting Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, was reinstated after being fired for smuggling $67 worth of perfume.

J.P. Sylvestre had been with the company for more than 13 years. On Aug. 8, 2005, he began his day by making a repair on a toll booth on the Windsor side of the border. After that, he crossed to the United States to do some work on the Detroit side. The maintenance employees regularly crossed the border and often did not pass through customs to do so.

Sylvestre had a $50 duty free shop gift certificate he had received for Christmas that he hadn’t yet spent. He decided to stop and buy his wife something, eventually settling on three bottles of perfume. Anything bought at duty free is, by law, required to be exported immediately into the U.S. However, after making the purchase, he did a U-turn and went back into Canada and did not stop at customs. A worker at the duty free shop saw him make the U-turn and reported him.