Breaching a rule justifies firing

Employers can dismiss employees for breaching a company rule. But there are a number of important elements that must be addressed for the termination to stand up to a court’s scrutiny. A recent case involving a tailor who took time off work during a busy period, where the employer had a clear policy prohibiting vacations during certain vacation blackout periods, provides an example where an employer handled the situation properly.
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A tailor who booked a vacation over the Christmas holidays, despite being warned in writing not to, was fired for cause, a decision upheld by a Saskatchewan court.

Adriana Gonzalo began her employment as a tailor with Moores The Suit People on Oct. 13, 1986. She was fired on Dec. 21, 2001, when she was 58. She worked a 40-hour week and earned $11.40 per hour or about $23,700 per year.

During her time at Moores, there were two tailors employed — herself and Huong La. They worked together in the sewing room at the back of the store. The pair worked out between themselves when they would take holidays and ensured they did not take holidays at the same time as one tailor had to be available at the store.