Cab driver awarded $7,500 after being fired

Toronto cab company made worker a 'fall guy' to keep protesting drivers in line, says court
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An Ontario court has awarded punitive damages for the “malicious and high-handed” manner in which a Toronto cab company fired one of its drivers.

Mohammad Chaudhry became a full-time driver for Beck Taxi in 2004. To work for Beck, Chaudhry was required to get his own car, paint it in the company colours and equip it with a pager, two-way radio, credit card machine and roof light. But Chaudhry was not an employee. Drivers pay the company $420 a month to participate in its dispatch service.

Beck gave Chaudhry a booklet, titled “Driver’s Solutions,” containing tips on how to work efficiently and profitably. It had a section on company rules and policies, and listed as an offence “booking off,” a process where a driver jumps the queue of waiting drivers at specific customer pick-up points.