Scottish job applicant awarded £1,000 — twice

Employer refused to grant him an interview, lost a discrimination suit and then refused to grant him an interview again
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A Scottish municipal government has been ordered to pay a job candidate for a security guard position £1,000 (about $2,000 Cdn) for refusing to give him an interview.

The kicker? It had to pay him another £1,000 after it refused to interview him when he applied again, according to a report in the

Glasgow Daily Record


James Greig, of Kirkcaldy, Scotland, filed a discrimination claim against Fife Council after he was turned down for an interview because he had been unemployed for more than six months. After winning his suit, he reapplied but was rejected again and awarded another £1,000.

“There are some dim people in Fife Council,” Greig told the

Daily Record.

“They just didn’t learn their lesson from the first time. I was applying each time for the same job at the same council depot to the same department and they did the same thing each time. I’m disabled because of depression. But I’ve been learning to cope with my depression and a night watchman’s job is one that anyone could do. I wasn’t applying to be the head of finance or something like that.”

Greig, who recently turned 60, said he wouldn’t be applying again.

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