Citing labour shortage, employer turns blind eye to harassment

Alberta employer ordered to pay waitress $4,000 for her pain and suffering
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An employer in the labour-strapped oil boomtown of Fort McMurray, Alta., said it had no choice but to tolerate some abnormal behaviour from staff because of a shortage of workers.

Diane Carr, a former waitress at Humpty’s Family Restaurant, filed a human rights claim for sexual harassment. Carr said she had been harassed by Chris Troake, another employee at the restaurant, and that management had done nothing to curtail his inappropriate behaviour.

Carr claimed Troake had been watching her in a strange fashion and referred to her in derogatory and offensive terms. She claimed he kept an egg on his workstation with a drawing of a naked woman on it. In one bizarre incident, Troake put a breakfast sausage in his pants and chased Carr’s sister, also a waitress at Humpty’s, around the restaurant with it hanging out of his zipper.