University lost trust in campus cop

This instalment of You Make the Call puts the focus on a case out of Windsor, Ont,, where a campus police officer was fired after using a company cell phone to make personal long-distance calls.
|Canadian Employment Law Today

Russell Wilson was a special constable at the University of Windsor. He was fired in February 2005 after the university conducted an investigation into unauthorized calls to Welland, Ont., that were placed on the cell phone while he was on duty. He had only been on the job for about 18 months.

Wilson was confronted by the university about the calls. His first reaction, according to the employer, was to laugh it off and accuse the university of directing harassment towards him. Shortly after, Wilson sent an e-mail to management and his union denying any responsibility for the phone calls and accused the director of campus community police of making false allegations based on “personal agenda, biasness, intimidation and harassment.” Wilson characterized the investigation as a “witch hunt” and accused the director of unprofessional conduct.

During the investigation, the university was able to determine that Wilson made unauthorized long-distance and local phone calls on 57 separate occasions during December and January, resulting in 519 minutes of personal calls. More specifically, the university said it was able to confirm that both the local and long-distance numbers were associated with a person with whom he had a personal relationship.