Telus worker fired during bitter strike

Firing an employee for just cause is tricky business, as most employers know. Firing an employee for just cause during a strike or lockout, well, that’s an entirely different and even more complicated matter
|Canadian Employment Law Today

The Canada Arbitration Board recently dealt with that question in a case involving a unionized Telus worker in Edmonton who was fired during a difficult but lawful labour dispute in 2005. The worker was fired during the work stoppage, which began in July and lasted until December 2005. That termination was set aside by an arbitrator, and the worker was reinstated. But Telus then terminated the worker a second time for additional reasons.

This article takes a look at whether Telus had just cause for that second termination and, more importantly, the concept of how the standard of just cause applies when the conduct in question occurs during a strike or lockout.

The bitter Telus dispute