Worker fired for refusing vacation change

This instalment of You Make the Call looks at a case involving a worker who was fired after she refused to postpone a previously approved vacation
|Canadian Employment Law Today

In mid-October 2004, Evon Watson, who had been employed by Summar Foods in Mississauga, Ont., for about 10 years, was fired after she refused to comply with her employer’s request to postpone a two-week trip to Barbados.

Watson, who was 53 when she was fired, was operations manager at Summar Foods, a small family-owned company that manufactures specialty ingredients for the dairy industry. Her salary was about $50,000 per year and she was entitled to three weeks’ vacation per year.

In early 2004, Watson sought and received approval to take two weeks off starting Oct. 4. After receiving approval, she made plans to travel to Barbados. Watson, a native of Barbados, hadn’t been there since 2000. She was travelling to visit her ailing brother who had suffered a stroke and to attend to some pressing tax and maintenance matters involving property she owned in Barbados. Her husband had also gotten time off from his job to go with her on the trip.