Lumber worker cut for bad behaviour

Worker was fired after altercation with co-worker but was told it was for poor performance
|Canadian Employment Law Today

This edition of You Make the Call features a lumber worker with past performance and behavioural issues who was fired after he threatened a co-worker.

Kerry Allen, 43, worked as a labourer for 11 years at a Fredericton sawmill owned by Devon Lumber Company. On a few occasions during his employment, Allen had problems on his production line and at one point he was told to improve his work or he would be fired. His supervisor at the time thought Allen would have to be fired but after the warning his work improved. Every few months his work would deteriorate again but each time it was brought to his attention he improved.

In 1995 Allen was involved in an altercation with a co-worker. He felt the co-worker was putting too much wood on the production line ahead of him which he couldn’t keep up with. Tempers flared and he grabbed the co-worker by the shirt and laid him on a table. His supervisors warned him about touching other employees and not to do it again.