Employees working in India? Avoid common pitfalls

Business in India is booming but Indian immigration laws and the visa system are struggling to keep up
By Sergio Karas and Shalini Agarwal
|Canadian Employment Law Today

The current economic boom in India has significantly increased the number of business personnel traveling into and out of the country. Indian immigration laws are struggling to keep up with the increased movement of human resources through its borders. Canadian companies doing business in India must exercise caution to ensure their personnel do not fall into a bureaucratic quagmire.

Foreign nationals require valid visas to both enter and exit India, which can be obtained from an Indian consulate or relevant Indian foreign mission in the country of their residence. There are no provisions for issuing visas to foreign nationals upon arrival. For the purposes of carrying out business or employment, foreigners have the option to apply for an employment or business visa or, if they qualify, a card identifying overseas citizenship or Indian origin.

Employment or business visa – which is the correct permit?