Pharmacy worker cries harassment

Worker claimed pharmacist disciminated against her age and sex after he raised concerns about her job performance
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A pharmacist who expressed displeasure with a pharmacy technician’s job performance did not discriminate against her, the Ontario Arbitration Board has ruled. Mira Klobucar of Windsor, Ont., began working for Zehrs Markets in 1995. She became a pharmacy technician in 2001, working alongside Bassam Zayat, a staff pharmacist for Zehrs.

Klobucar and Zayat were often the only pharmacy employees on duty in the small store and their working relationship became strained. Klobucar claimed soon after Zayat began working at the store, he told her he liked the job and intended to stay there. She claimed he said other things to her, including: threatening to call head office and say bad things about her; he wanted his wife to take the pharmacy technician job and Klobucar was old enough to retire and had a comfortable life; yelling at her and putting her down; saying “What kind of hormones are you on?”

Klobucar complained all of these comments were harassment and discriminatory based on her age and sex.