Employer had cause to fire abusive employee: court

Worker's insults and profanity found to be excessive despite rough, 'masculine' environment at work
|Canadian Employment Law Today

A British Columbia company had just cause to fire an employee for disrespectful and verbally abusive behavior, the B.C. Supreme Court has ruled.

David Rysstad worked for Dependable Turbines Ltd. of Surrey, B.C., for more than 10 years as a mechanical design technician. Dependable Turbines is a small company which builds and sells hydroelectric turbines.

In September 2001, the company signed two large contracts for turbines which put a strain on its resources. The employees met with Dependable Turbines’ owner, Robert Prior, to discuss their compensation for these projects. Prior agreed to increase their wages, though he disagreed with Rysstad on whether he would definitely index their wages to the cost of living each year or only if the company could afford it.