Government employee arrested for breach of trust after leak

Environment Canada employee who leaked environmental plan to media raises the question of how far employers can go to punish a breach of trust
By Ronald S. Minken
|Canadian Employment Law Today

On April 17, 2007, the RCMP Commercial Crime Section received a complaint from Environment Canada’s security department that a secret draft copy of “Climate Change Section of the Eco-Action Plan” had been released a week before it was meant to go public.

The source of the leak also attached a manifesto justifying the leak as an act of protest against the “secrecy of the Harper government” and stating the action was taken because the need for public information outweighed the importance of due process. Jeffrey Monaghan, a 27-year-old temporary employee for Environment Canada in Gatineau, Que., was arrested on an allegation for breach of trust under the

Criminal Code