Manager was asked to move offices and left out of the loop

Shifting of duties and decreased involvement was constructive dismissal, court rules
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An Ontario car dealership constructively dismissed a general manager when it moved his office and gradually changed his responsibilities while it was cutting costs, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled.

Frank Power was a general manager for Unique Chrysler Plymouth Ltd., a car dealership in Burlington, Ont. He was responsible for running the entire business and was very involved in sales, service and finance at the dealership.

In late 2003, Unique was going through financial difficulties. The dealership’s owner, Sandy Calder, became more involved in the business and in April 2004, he told Power he would be moving into his office. He asked Power to move to an office in a different area from the showroom. Calder also told the sales managers to stop reporting to Power and report directly to him instead.