Company wrongfully dismissed new manager but didn’t lure him from old job, says court

Manager wasn't trained in how to run a unionized environment but coming over was his own decision
|Canadian Employment Law Today

An Ontario company wrongfully dismissed a senior manager six months after hiring him but didn’t induce him from his previous employment, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled.

Walter Laszczewski, 49, received an unsolicited phone call from an executive recruiter offering him a job with Aluminart Products in December 2005. He had been with his old employer for seven years and wasn’t interested in moving. However, the recruiter continued to call Laszczewski and he eventually became interested in the chance to grow with Aluminart.

On Feb. 3, 2006, Laszczewski met with Aluminart’s president and was shown a contract. After some discussion, Laszczewski signed it, despite the fact it included a statement saying he had sought legal advice. He began working for Aluminart on Feb. 20. Three months later, he was appointed the director of production at the company’s Brampton, Ont., plant.